Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Web design mistakes and how to Effective Web design

A key role in helping companies makes huge revenue to pay the online sales through their website. And effective means not only the beauty of the various elements used in Web page; rather, the effectiveness of the site exceed the aesthetic Visual perspective includes things like content planning, navigation, site structure, etc. The most experienced designers often end up making foolish mistakes that can destroy the effectiveness of the site, even if the design work to be among the best. The paragraphs listed below will give you an overview of the common mistakes that people make Web design and how it can change things.

Keep it simple and organization

Starting from the right of font styles, sizes, colors and other minor elements on a Web page, you can try to keep everything perfectly simple and Basic. The font should be used to easily visible and readable in all browsers and operating systems. Also, make sure that there is consistency in the use of the font in all parts of your pages. Otherwise, users will find it difficult to communicate with your site as a whole.

Use your "content intelligently"

Gone are the days when Internet users the time to read content in leisure time. Today, all types of sites, micro-blogging social networking platforms and users remain busy. And then you get easily bored of long paragraphs, which may seem theses. It is to provide content intelligently to fit your burden the reader attention. Use bullets or numbered lists here, it is strong.

Good communication

Each page of your Web site must be able to communicate with visitors to the individual level. And everything must be informed about the site through the use of smart and images. Essentially, when a user lands on your Web site, he or she should be able to understand clearly what you have to offer.

Avoid heavy things

Indeed, there is no point to include audio-visual presentations, technology, and detail, as they slow down the download time for a Web page. Usually deals with such proposals for many download time and your Web space that can be easily allocated to more important things.

A good website design which avoids unnecessary use of logos or decals use vertical and horizontal scrolling


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